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$299.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price

SK magic BID-018D Electric Bidet Toilet Seat| Heated Toilet Seat| Bidet Warm Water| Warm Air Dryer| Elongated Smart Toilet Seat| Easy Installation| Self-Cleaning Nozzle| Bidet Attachment for Toilet



    • SENSITIVE NOZZLE CARE: SK magic’s electric bidet automatically cleans the internal part of the nozzle to enhance its cleanliness as it sprays directly onto our skin. It provides an enhanced cleaning process by upgrading the size of the nozzle tip. The nozzle is designed with new purifying material to relieve the risk of exposure to detrimental substances. In addition, it consists of a 360° self-cleaning nozzle that creates a whirlpool and cleanses the water stream automatically.
    • THERMAL FUNCTION: This bidet has a function that heats the seat at 3 different levels of temperature that gives a warm settlement when used. The thermal feature (900W high-performance heater) that provides warm water is adjustable up to 3 temperature levels along with the water pressure adjustment, and it can also reduce your need for toilet paper. Thus, you can manually control optimal temperatures and pressure depending on your preference.
    • ENERGY SAVING: You can also save costs with Eco Mode which you can set manually by pressing the ECO button so the temperatures of the seat can stay low when not in use. This Eco Mode function would reduce your electricity consumption. Moreover, the bidet can significantly lower your spending on toilet paper. You can improve energy efficiency and save your money on electricity consumption at the same time by installing this high-quality bidet on your toilet seat!
    • EASY INSTALLATION: Installing the bidet is a piece of cake. You can set it up on your own by following a few simple steps. You can detach and attach it just by pressing a button on the bidet. It is designed for you to conveniently clean every corner and the surface of the toilet seat. A completely detachable structure allows you to separate the seat and the cover easily at once.
    • IPX6 WATERPROOF GRADE: This electric bidet has been certified as the IPX6 rated waterproof protection, which means that it is extremely water-resistant even with strong water streams. It stays fully functional when sprayed with powerful water jets at any angle. It can also resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water. Therefore, cleaning is easy as pie with the enhanced IPX6 waterproof function without any concerns about leakage or breakdown.
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