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LG Kimchi Specialty Food Refrigerator provides the perfect fermentation environment for ideal flavor development. It is equipped with customized storage containers that are 100 percent airtight to seal in the freshness while preventing aroma overload.


30 Inch French 4-Door Kimchi/Specialty Food Refrigerator
In addition to kimchi, store seafood, select wines, cheese, and other perishables with a Cooling Care system that is perfect for preserving specialty foods with specific temperature and storage requirements.

Cooling Care
It supplies cold air every 6 minutes through 20 air vents located throughout the refrigerator to keep the internal temperature consistent and reduce fluctuation.

Multi Storage Mode
Fermentation Mode, Normal Fermentation, Kimchi plus Fermentation, Storage Mode, Produce and Meat/Fish

Freshness Guard Cover
Keep your fruits sweeter, your seafood fresher, your kimchi tastier with a freshness guard cover that reduces cold air loss and keeps moisture in, enhancing the flavor of your specialty foods.

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